Great Lakes Pygora's virtual farm


Thanks for stopping by. We are your one stop shop for quality PBA registered Pygora goats and pygora fiber.

Pygora is a luxury fiber soft enough to wear next to the skin and makes lovely shawls, cowls, scarfs and other light and warm items. Our pygora fiber has been tested and is even more fine than kid mohair. We only sell fiber after it has been dehaired. Raw pygora fiber always needs to have the coats seperated in order get the fine fleece. Pygora is lovely blended with fine wools such as Cormo or Merino. We have a variety of items in available online, as well as a few select fiber festivals. For more information about Pygora fiber types, see the PBA fiber descriptions.

Pygoras are a rare breed especially in the midwest. We have a breeding herd, and every spring we have new kids for sale and occasionally, we have adult goats for sale too. If you are interested in getting a goat from us, contact us and we can discuss your needs and what we have that might work for you.

Check out our great bucks. Super blood lines and these boys are very nice.

Pygoras, especially wethers, make wonderful pets as well as fiber producing animals.



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