For detailed information on purchasing one of these goats take a look at the Terms of Sale page then contact us.

These goats are sold with PBA registration papers unless noted. These animals have been carefully selected for their fiber coverage and density along with conformation and personality. These are animals we are happy to have in our own herd or breeding program.

F10 - Forrest
DeeDee x Jabbar
Big, mellow strong and solid.
Breeding Group 2 - $1250 SOLD
This group holds many ribbons from shows. Great fleeces and conformation. Nice assortment of colors and personalities. Friendly respectful buck.
Breeding Group 3 - $1000 SOLD
This is a superior color producing group. Excellent fleece, easy care does, great mothers.
Aadi **has bent horn


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Pygora Fiber Type B Cloud 1 oz

We have teamed up and our products are available at several fiber festivals in the Ewe Hottie booth. If you are not able to attend any of the festivals and want some of our products, feel free to check our etsy store or contact us and we will be happy to give you our dehaired pygora cloud spinning fiber and pygora yarn prices.

Raw Pygora fiber has guard hair and needs to be dehaired before spinning. For this reason, we only sell dehaired fiber. The dehairing pocess is tedious and takes several hours by hand. We have our fiber commercially dehaired in large batches so you receive only the luxurious under coat.

There are 3 types of Pygora fiber. None is better than the others, they each have their own strengths.

Type A is similar to kid mohair, it has the longest staple at 4 to 6 inches and has the most luster.

Type B is unique to Pygora, it offers the best traits of Type A and C, staple length 3 to 4 inches with some luster and still finer than type A.

Type C is similar to cashmere, it is the shortest and most fine but also has the least luster.

For more information about Pygora fiber, check here.

Pygora fiber is great for several projects. It halos beautifully and is great for lacework or gossamer shawls. Pygora fiber adds wonderful luster to wool when blended or plied. We suggest blending with Bond, Cormo or Merino to add memory and retain the delicate luxurious feel of Pygora fiber. Yarns made of 100% pygora work well up to fingering weight. Heavier weights we suggest blending with wool or silk.

Pygoras are featured in the Fall 2008 edition of Spin-Off magazine under the Fiber Basics section. Check here to get a copy.

Wholesale accounts available for orders of 2 pounds or more. Contact us for details.